Your answers: “Who inspires you?” | Topic NewsDepth

In this episode, we speak with inspiring high school footballers. And Mary talks about Ohio’s first female athletes and how Title IX opened the door for women to compete in all kinds of sports! For our written question this week, we want to know: “Who inspires you?”

Dear Newsdepth,
Who inspires me is… I’m funny and smart, I’m even in a gifted class. I also like to sing, I see a song so I want to learn it. I like to draw too. I think of a title then I do a book chapter. I dream of things that no one would think of. I am creative, fun, imaginative, cool and kind. I’m glad I got inspired!

— Allure, Greenview College

Dear NewsDepth,
Leonardo da Vinci inspires me because I didn’t like drawing before seeing the Mona Lisa. This is what inspires me to draw.

— Omari, Monticello College

My older brother’s name is Landon. He always tells me to keep going and never give up. He always encourages me and congratulates me. He always stops what he’s doing to come and help me train. He helped me achieve my goal of making the WNBA.

— Emma, ​​Tallmadge Primary

Dear NewsDepth,

The people who inspire me are my family because when I lost in the championship, my family encouraged me and made me feel better. My father and my mother said that you will be a good football player when you grow up.

— Caden, Fort Meigs Elementary School

We are inspired by Jordan Chiles. We take inspiration from her because she went to the Olympics and then she went to college. Jordan Chiles also composed a floor routine in TWO days and competed that routine against rivals and got A PERFECT TEN!!! As you can see, Jordan Chiles is a BIG inspiration to us, and probably to many other young girls like us!

—Heidi and Amelia, Marion Local

Jessica C. Bell