Your answers: what makes a good journalist? | Topic NewsDepth

NewsCat is hiring an intern next season, and we want your input! For this week’s question, we want to know:What do you think makes a good journalist?

A good journalist must have all the traits Newsdepth mentioned last season, but they must also go beyond that. A good journalist also needs creativity and a positive mindset! You need to be creative with the words you use and be able to create sentences that aren’t jerky. A good journalist must have a positive state of mind because he constantly corrects himself and it’s a lot of work! But a good state of mind will make it less stressful. That’s what makes a good journalist.

— Mia, Collaborative Montessori School of Portage

I think what makes a good journalist is understanding the facts. They must also be very good listeners in order to write the truth. Journalists must also be very quiet so as not to hear anything incorrect. They must also have good handwriting to be able to print it.

—Brooklyn, RCAAS

A good journalist would be someone who is a great writer, someone who knows how to ask questions. I would be a good journalist because I’m good at writing stories. That’s what would make a good journalist.

— Quinn, Marion Local

For me, a good journalist must be creative. They should be creative so they can think and talk about something happening in the world. They also had to be good at ELA. They should be good at ELA in order to use correct grammar and spelling. Finally, they should be comfortable in front of the camera, because journalists are always filmed.

— Riley, Intermediate Buckeye

A good journalist is a curious, patient and creative person. They need to be curious so they can get into things and write them down easily. They must be patient in order to hear the opinions of others, because other journalists do the same. They have to be creative so they can come up with catchy phrases and amazing titles.

— Ruby, Midview West

Jessica C. Bell