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In this episode, we get to know the candidates vying for the governorship of Ohio. For our written question this week, we want to know: if you were governor for a day, “What issue would you focus on?” »

Dear NewsDepth,

If I was governor, I would focus on child safety and mental/physical health. I think we don’t talk about it enough. I’m glad our future governor of Ohio is focused on our safety and our sanity. But it would also be fun to make ice cream mandatory every week, but I don’t think people would be too happy.

— Teagan, East Woods middleman

I would worry about prices. Money is a big part of life and some people don’t have enough to buy food. I would try to help. I bought them blankets and food. I know they struggle. I have always wanted to help these people. Anyway, that’s what worries me.

— Victoria, North School

Dear NewsDepth,

One issue I would focus on would be bullying. This is because children are bullied every year. 1 in 4 children is bullied each year and some even give up for fear of being bullied! That’s why I would focus on bullying.

— Zach, intermediary from Hull Prairie

Dear Newsdepth,

The issue I would focus on the most is homelessness. I would choose homelessness because people don’t deserve to be homeless. I would start by making food for 100,000,000 people in need! That’s what I would focus on if I were governor.

— Leah, Fort Meigs Elementary School

If I was governor for a day, the issue I would focus on would be raising awareness about people with disabilities and how to treat them. Also, I would focus on making places more accessible to people with disabilities. The reason I would focus on the first issue is because I don’t think schools do such a good job of focusing on people with disabilities being able to do everything they do, but different ways. The reason I would focus on the second question is that anyone with a disability can do anything anyone else can. That’s the question I would focus on and why I would focus on them. PS I don’t like the word disabled because calling someone disabled just sounds bad, see if you can think of a better word for it.

— Luke, Claggett College

Jessica C. Bell