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We want you to give us examples of “how can art help solve a problem?

I saw on the school news that these kids noticed that chewing gum on the street was bad because people could step foot in it. yuck! So they gestured to put the chewing gum on. After that, they made colorful skateboard wheels! From there, I think if I find things that can be reused, I can make them into party decor or decorations! This solves a problem by reusing items and so other people can create their own decorations instead of buying a new one from the store and save money. You can save money by not wasting gas and just buying the supplies!

— Samantha, Rushwood Elementary

I think art can help solve a problem is that art can be soothing because art is enjoyable when you show your creativity. So it’s nice to see how creative you are.

—Matthew, Ella Canavan Elementary

Art can solve a problem if you reuse or recycle objects. He looks cool and helps the planet. Some of the most used items are bottle caps and plastic bags.

—Scarlett, primary Grant

I think it can help by supporting people like the murals, they can be on the funny/creative side or they can be quite important like there are murals like former presidents, famous artists, veterans and people like Rosa Parks, and finally Martin Luther King Jr.

— Jaylee, Fayetteville Perry Middle School

Art can make people happy. I think being sad is a problem, so art could lift people’s spirits. The art could also be used in a form of peaceful protest. In our constitution it says we have freedom of speech, so we can protest if we believe against something. Art can be used to express our feelings about a subject.

—Caroline, Wilson Elementary

Jessica C. Bell