Worst sports media topic of the week: “Does losing a game benefit the Eagles?”

I wish it was a straw man, but it’s not. On various sports shows this week, I’ve heard a form of discussion about the Eagles centering on the idea of ​​17-0 and whether or not it’s beneficial to lose a game. The argument is there’s a lot of pressure to stay undefeated and if they’re knocked down they take the monkey off their backs and refocus on the playoffs. Something like that.

Of course, the argument is 100% unfiltered bullshit. The grain of alcohol of bad athletes takes. People here are saying that losing could be a good thing, which is the most anti-Philadelphia opinion of all time.

Yes, there are exceptions, but it’s not like the tank at the end of the 2020 season when jockeying for the draft position was key. We’re talking about making history by running the board and matching the 1972 Dolphins for the very first time. No NFL team has done that in 50 years.

There’s a side topic here regarding this dolphin-inspired pursuit. Does it matter if the team goes 17-0 if they lose in the first round of the playoffs? Of course it is. It’s exponentially harder to win 17 straight games versus three or four straight playoff games. The Giants 9-7 won the Super Bowl not too long ago, and the No. 6 seeded Phillies went to the World Series, so we all know to warm up in the crapshoot known as the post-season. If the Eagles were 9-8 and won the Super Bowl 17-0 and then lost in the NFC Championship Game, the latter would be more impressive but ultimately less publicized due to America’s attitude towards the regular season versus the playoffs. . It’s just the way we’re built.

Anyway, to prove that I’m not making this up, a few tweets:

I believe most of this discussion is on sports radio, but I’ve heard it elsewhere, so it can’t just be a “they have nothing else to say to each other” boring column on WIP and the Fanatic. That said, the truth is, the radio is probably best when the Eagles stink, because at least the topics are relevant and the discussion is fervent. You talk about finding a quarterback of the future, or a strategy draft, or the general manager, or whatever. The Eagles are 8-0 this year and are largely waxing the ground with inferior opponents, so we bring up half-hearted complaints about run defense or special teams, but there’s no really doesn’t have a ton of juice for these threads.

That’s not to say the Eagles talk should be pure fluff, spending all day talking about their quality. Blatant Posidelphia is just as tasteless as the Negadelphia, but for the most part I can’t figure out what I’m listening to here. People seriously argue that losing a match will be beneficial. Fuck you out of here with this. The Birds should definitely try to stay undefeated here. They should try to roll all adversaries before them, crush their foes, see them driven before you, and hear the laments of their wives (as Conan the Barbarian once said). This conversation about quitting a game releases huge amounts of loser energy. They should try to hunt the 1972 Dolphins.

Jessica C. Bell