Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI) Releases Special Topics Tracking Report on War in Ukraine –

WCI’s report on the war in Ukraine highlights the top five issues where stakeholders expect leaders to take immediate and sustained action

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a special topic follow-up report from Worldcom Trust Index (WCI) what CEOs are saying about the impact of the war in Ukraine, The Worldcom Public Relations Group (Worldcom) has identified five top hot topics that global CEOs and CMOs are talking about. In the period between February and May 2022, the five main topics are: Massive displacement of people and refugee flows; the impact on energy prices; impact on food security; exacerbate the problems of hunger and poverty; causing divisions between peoples and countries.

The human cost of war receives sustained attention, but global food security became the number one topic in May

Unsurprisingly, the most talked about issue at the start of the conflict was the massive displacement of people and refugees fleeing Ukraine. This topic received the highest engagement from global CEOs and CMOs between February and MarchI, among the top five topics discovered. The war in Ukraine has caused the worst refugee crisis since World War II, which could lead to a significant increase in human trafficking and a child protection crisis. However, by May concerns about global food security and the impact this would have on their people and business had become the main issue.

The war in Ukraine is disrupting supply chains and has sent oil and gas prices soaring. This topic received the second highest engagement from global CEOs and CMOs between February and May, among the top five topics. The cost of energy has obvious implications for the cost of ongoing operations, but also has significant implications for how organizations operate. For example, companies returning to office work may need to rethink their strategy to ease the pressure on the rising cost of living.

Todor Janev, President of the Worldcom Public Relations Group (Worldcom), said: “Leaders must develop a clear strategy to protect their brands from the impact of war. Stakeholders expect immediate action to minimize the impact of fuel and food price increases. Data from the WCI shows that they also expect leaders to act on policies that will have longer-term implications. This includes accelerating the pace at which they adopt ESG policies and demonstrate that their company believes in profit with purpose. Communicating clearly, consistently and transparently on these topics will be key to building stakeholder confidence and conviction. »

Todd Lynch, CEO of Worldcom, said, “Many business leaders have been quick to show their support for the Ukrainian people and to make meaningful decisions regarding their business ties with Russia. But the results of this special tracking report, by Worldcom’s Confidence Index, show that the focus is now on issues that have both immediate and lasting implications for operations, employees and their customers. key stakeholders. Brands with an international or global footprint should identify how these five topics are changing in priority from country to country, and then ensure that they communicate their positions/actions effectively and frequently to their key stakeholders.

Watch the Special Topic Tracking Report on the War in Ukraine and Video Summary.

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