Why the WIAA is again studying the topic of competitive balance | High school sports

“Now there’s a whole list of factors,” Hauser said. “The big question: is there a solution to fix it? Is there? That’s the big question. If there was, someone would have already discovered it. The last time there was a vote, the success factor failed, but it was almost a 50-50 split. That tells me that about half of our members think we need to do something.

“So I think it’s really important for the committee to meet because we’ll be communicating with members throughout the process to let members know what’s going on, to let them know where it’s going, to tell them what data we look at, to get input, and then ultimately if something comes up in the form of an amendment, I think our members will feel really well informed and they’ll vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ .

The committee plans to provide a report to the Board of Control in March and to members in April, she said. This could include a proposal or an amendment, but the committee does not promise that, she said.

In November, the Board of Control named 20 people to the committee, including Madison Edgewood athletic director Chris Zwettler.

The WIAA said the committee wants to work as transparently as possible, including providing a feedback form for administrators on the Competitive Balance home page on the WIAA website.

Jessica C. Bell