Why do you only email moms?

The tweet below went viral this week and sparked a lot of discussion.

Before I go through all the answers, I expect that many fathers will dispel this perceived tendency and that many mothers will suggest that this tendency is followed because men, uh. There was some of that in the answers, but most of the time I saw fathers defending the fathers discussed above. They say they’re too distracted to keep up with appointments, their wives take care of calendars, and moms are better at that stuff! What?

On a personal level, I wanted to dispel this trend completely, because in my experience – as a working-from-home parent – usually either I get the emails (or texts) or my wife and I are addressed . How dare you suggest that not all dads know about their children’s social lives! I use a very effective calendar (largely consisting of alarms that I set to remind myself of impending commitments, and more the time I remember why I set those alarms!)

But then I thought about it more and realized that even though I throw a lot of birthday parties and games, with a few exceptions – if I’m personally good friends with dads – I almost send always texting or emailing the mothers of my children’s friends. . Eh. Why? I do not know. That’s how it ends up happening. Am I part of the problem?

As to why women only ask for email addresses or phone numbers of other moms? Girls5Eva has an answer to that.

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