Where is Phil Collins now? Genesis Drummer becomes a hot topic as ill-health news resurfaces

Phil Collins has ruled the internet even though he’s been out of the spotlight since announcing his retirement.

Collins delivered heartbreaking news to fans during Genesis’ O2 Arena show. The drummer, who remained seated throughout his final gigs with the band, got up and left the stage with his bandmates as he announced his retirement.

While it happened months ago, the musician returned to hot topics after news of his health issues surfaced.

On Facebook, multiple news outlets have shared the latest update on Collins’ inability to hold a wand. For what it’s worth, he decided to leave his post and “find a real job” because of his health problems.

He once said “BBC Breakfast” that he could barely hold a stick after sustaining a spinal injury. He explained that his vertebrae crushed his spinal cord due to his position whenever he played.

“Somehow on the last Genesis tour I dislocated vertebrae in my upper neck which affected my hands. After successful surgery on my neck my hands can’t still not function normally. Maybe in about a year it will change, but right now it’s impossible for me to play the drums or the piano,” he said.

This update has taken over the internet although months have already passed since it happened. Fans continue to send him well wishes as they haven’t heard from him since that tour.

Some of the comments include healing messages, but most of them also chose to honor him and say that the musician is still a great piece of music history amid his health issues.

Where is Phil Collins now?

Collins’ social media accounts remain silent about his current medical condition. But his name reappeared in the headlines after he and his bandmates Genesis sold some of their musical assets to Concord Music Group.

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the wall street journal confirmed that the $300 million deal includes master recordings of the drummer’s famous songs from his solo career, like “Against All Odds”, “In the Air Tonight” and “You’ll Be In My Heart”, for to name a few.

Meanwhile, Collins’ son, Nic, said rolling stones that his father is definitely retired although he noted that no one can be sure. Still, he said Collins had already given so much to the music industry, and his decision to finally step back was a good one.

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