Where do the Michigan GOP candidates stand on the topic of abortion?

Local 4 is asking the same questions of Michigan GOP candidates ahead of the Michigan primary election.

Many voters want to know where each candidate stands on important issues. We asked the same questions to each candidate and to start the interrogation, we asked the candidates where they were on the subject of abortion.

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Here are the candidates’ answers to the following question:

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Q: Polls show that people in Michigan are in favor of legalized and regulated abortion, how would you go about that?

Ralph Rebandt

“I believe abortion is one of those subjects that is not allowed on television because people are afraid to show the horror of it. If, as governor, I spoke about abortion , which I was talking about at six weeks when a woman finds out she’s pregnant, there’s a heartbeat, there’s a child with arms and limbs, and a baby is ripped from her body.

Tudor Dixon

“Well, I’ve made it very clear that I’m a pro-life candidate. I’m the only candidate supported by Right To Life and I believe that life is precious. We must protect life.

Kevin Rinke

“I believe Roe v Wade was wrong 50 years ago, just as Ruth Bader Ginsburg believed it was wrong 50 years ago and should be determined by the state. At the end of the day. It is not the role of the governor to tell the people of the state how or what to do. They have elected representatives. It’s called our legislature and I’m going to work with our legislature. People have the opportunity to express themselves.

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Ryan Kelley

“What we’re going to see on the November ballot is trying to make abortion a constitutionally protected right, right up to the moment of birth. And there’s no way more than 50% of Michigan residents support that by any means.

Garrett Soldano

“I’m 100% shamelessly pro-life and will always stand up for life. But as governor, you rule everyone. And what the governor is doing right now, she’s bypassing the legislature again. The same thing she did in 2020 policing us all, and she filed that injunction with the prosecutor telling them not to enforce the 1931 law.”

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