West Seattle Blog… | Thread: Tired of looking at this RV? Here’s what NOT to do!

Apparently residents of West Seattle think they are both law enforcement/parking and psychics. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but none of you have any idea of ​​the reality of the situation. The Ministry of Transport will tell you that each vehicle has 72 hours to park. All along Harbor and all around Alki to Beach Drive. Unless otherwise stated. There is NO sign anywhere that says NO HUGE tow truck, NO HUGE sleeper truck, etc. The law states that after 72 hours, ALL vehicles must leave the block.

You would be surprised to know that most smart people have hidden security cameras. The hidden word means you won’t see it. So before you go “do something” in someone’s vehicle, imagine your face explaining this to your children. Why was mom accused of vandalism? But really, it’s not the cops you should worry about. From what I’ve seen, some of these people are pushed to the point where they might crack.
I certainly wouldn’t want to be the victim of someone being harassed. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the RV truck etc that is bothering you as it will ruin your view for a few days. You could also help us all. A guy I spoke to about his motorhome said “every time someone harasses us we go out at night and smash the windows of about 10 cars” so please stop provoking the people.

This is what happens when you play with someone’s vehicle. Say you break their window. All that will do is force them to stay longer to get it fixed. In fact, you might be looking at an RV for example, and thinking 1. They must be homeless. 2. They don’t live on Alki 3. Don’t pay taxes 4. Don’t care about this community 5. Are here to “party” at the beach, etc. OR Maybe it looks like they’re trying to live here for free.

Also, it’s the kids who don’t live here that are out at 4am on those rental scooters and bikes that probably do a lot of the burglaries. I saw some shady people there in the middle of the night.

I agree that there are RV’s that it’s obvious they’re probably drugged and homeless. We’re going to talk about that. The Salvation Army has a street outreach program ONLY for people living in vehicles. They mention them whenever they talk about the RV issue at the West Seattle Health Club on Andover. I myself have paid to go there since 2012. I rarely go there now, not because of the motorhomes but because of my own health issues. Also, they have been closed a lot during the pandemic. So that’s over $2000 I’ve paid to NOT go there once in 3 years. But I don’t like it either, I’m afraid my car will be broken into while I’m there, and I liked to go swimming at night.

However, seeing what’s going on there, – obviously none of them are running at all, and seeing one or two here and there moving around so they have to run a bit – that’s totally different.

Did you know that it is almost impossible to find a mobile mechanic in Seattle? So until you know the exact reason why this vehicle is there, there is no point in guessing. Why not try leaving a nice note? Not a long rant about why they shouldn’t park there.

Let’s go back to this community outreach program. I can tell you from very recent, first-hand experience that they are full of them. They left their card on my professional vehicle that we are painting. Which is like a beautiful little apartment inside. Although I only planned to sleep in it while taking things on the road, so I don’t have to stay in hotels etc. and having my own bathroom, but they left their card at my door and said “we can help with accommodation” FALSE!

I went through the steps to see if they were real. The next thing they say is HUD housing is out of money. But they can pay the first last deposit. Help people overcome evictions etc. Well, my building on Alki has been horrible lately. They rented to those people we all know how to deal with and worse they are loud and fight against slamming doors to steal mail (I have proof). It’s just hell.

So I thought, well maybe I’ll let them help me move, and that’s always one thing or another why they can’t help me. So the next time you see a report on KOMO etc saying “the city is doing outreach” know they are lying to the public. I even asked them, tell me a person you got an apt for. I actually told him to stop spreading false hope.

She had initially said that I was the only one to have called them back. Well, they didn’t even go and talk to the RVs near the gym. She said she didn’t know where it was. How not? This is by far the worst place in the area, isn’t it? I have all my texts recorded. She looked cool, but they could do other things like help pay the rent for the warehouse which is only $350 a month. There, Harbor Blvd is a storage place for RV boats and large trucks.

If you’ve read a lot, then read this, which is why I’ve taken the time to write this: if you care less about how people feel in motorhomes, for example, then why are you waiting- do you think they care how you feel about your eyesight? Do you realize that when you approach someone and intimidate them, you can not only put yourself in a dangerous situation, but put that person in a state where they could get hurt? Really? Your point of view is more important than pushing someone until they say they’re going to fuck you and instead of using their gun on you, they kill themselves? Pushing someone to self-harm is despicable. Shame on you. If you feel so strong about it, write to your local council or the mayor, etc. I have to think there’s something else going on with you that you’re thinking, “My life would be perfect if that big RV wasn’t.” do not park there”

Gracie Salamanca

Jessica C. Bell