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Many internet users are looking for methods to transfer MBOX files to Gmail email accounts. We are here to help you solve this problem by using the best solutions for free as a result of our extensive research on the subject and evaluation of the possibilities.

We all know how highly regarded Gmail is among free email services online. We can manage our inboxes as well as other items such as calendars, contacts, notes, etc. Moreover, it offers MBOX converter tool to ensure a smooth conversation.

Due to the advantages offered by Gmail, many users consider migrating from their existing email program.

Reasons to Export MBOX Files to Gmail

Gmail is a well-known cloud-based email client, as we just explained. This is the reason for the widespread desire to import MBOX into Gmail. Let’s take a look at some of the queries submitted by users.

“Hi, I’m trying to transfer my MBOX messages to Gmail. I spent a lot of time looking for the right answer but couldn’t. I would appreciate your advice on a different approach. – American Kylie”

“I am Rosy from Australia. Hello. Well, I want to import a large number of MBOX files to Gmail. Therefore, “Rosy from Australia”, you should give me some directions.

“Hi, I am glad to inform you that before using Takeout, I made backups of my Gmail account. I received the MBOX file from it. This MBOX file needs to be moved to another account Gmail Is there a mechanism that can be used for this that is free?
“British Resident Stephen”

By using the Advik MBOX to Gmail Converter Toolthere is a quick solution to import MBOX files to Gmail.

Free Manual Method to Transfer MBOX to Gmail

Steps to perform this process;

How to make your Gmail account accessible via IMAP
How to set up a Gmail Thunderbird account
Get ImportExportTools NG now. Add-on Gmail Account MBOX Import Guide


    First install Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.
    The Gmail account you want to send the data to may have IMAP enabled.
    For your Gmail account, enable IMAP access. Open Google’s Gmail app and select the Gear symbol.
    Select “From the drop-down menu, select “option”.
    Tap “Enable IMAP” under Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab selection. (If this feature has already been enabled, skip this step.)
    Next, click on the “Save Changes” icon to complete the procedure

How can I configure Thunderbird to use my Gmail account?

We need the help of an MBOX email client in order to quickly download MBOX email messages to Gmail. In this case, we will use the free Mozilla Thunderbird application.

    Open Mozilla Thunderbird and select Email from the menu. Choose items related to configuration. When you first launch Thunderbird, a screen asking you to create an account will appear.
    Next, enter the login credentials of the Gmail account you want to add, then click Continue.
    Click on the “Done” button after selecting the IMAP option.

    Obtaining the ImportExportTools NG add-on

    It requires an add-on to import MBOX files to Gmail in Thunderbird.

    We are going to show you how to get this IT plugin in the best possible way.

    Select the “Add-ons and Themes” option in Thunderbird by clicking the 3 rows button in the upper right corner.
    ImportExport should be typed in the search bar, followed by typing. Type the key.
    Select ImportExportTools NG as an option.
    Then click “Add to Thunderbird”.
    Click “Install Now”, then choose “Install Now”, then restart the program.

How to use Thunderbird to import MBOX to Gmail account?

Mozilla Thunderbird has the ability to import MBOX files, which is simple. All you need is a free add-on.

What we have achieved so far (required for importing MBOX to Gmail):

    Configure Thunderbird to use Gmail.
    Install ImportExportTools NG. To add.
    Here’s how to download MBOX emails to Gmail in just a few steps
    It is not possible to import MBOX files directly into an IMAP account. We also previously set up a Gmail account with IMAP. Therefore, we will first move MBOX to local folders. After that, we will move the mail to the Gmail account.

    In Thunderbird, select Local Folders in the left panel of Thunderbird.
    Right click on Local Folders. “ImportExportTools Ng” should be selected. Add an Mbox file.
    Decide on the option. MBOX files can be imported directly. Select OK from the drop-down option.
    After selecting an MBOX file, click “Open”. A similar sounding MBOX file will be added to Thunderbird’s local folders.
    The final step in the transfer is to click and drag the export data into the space below the label.

We are glad to announce that the import from MBOX to Gmail account is complete. You can now view the contents of your MBOX files by opening your account in a web browser.

REMARK: You can try restarting the software if you cannot find the import data in your Gmail (Mozilla Thunderbird) accounts.

Be careful when using manual processes because despite their effectiveness, they have some drawbacks.

Be careful when using manual procedures because, despite their effectiveness, they have certain drawbacks and limitations. For starters, manual processes can be time-consuming and time-consuming. Your data could be lost due to an error.


Manual procedures for importing MBOX files into Gmail account have been discussed in detail in this article. Manual approaches have some disadvantages, as we have already explained. Therefore, you should try using manual methods if you are confident and willing to give it a shot. otherwise, use third-party software instead of manual procedures.

Jessica C. Bell