Wendy Williams says her health has been a ‘hot topic’

The talk show host recently posted a health update on the verified Instagram account of “Wendy Williams Show”, writing “HOW YOU DOING? I MISS YOU ALL!”

“As everyone knows, my health has been a hot topic,” the statement said. “I’m making progress but it’s just one of those things that takes longer than expected. I’m a middle-aged woman, and I know enough to listen to my doctors and I’ll be back in my purple chair as soon as that we’ll all agree that I’m ready.”

It was announced in September that Williams had tested positive for a breakthrough case of Covid-19. It came weeks after it was announced that Williams was canceling “promotional activities” as she was “dealing with ongoing health issues” and “undergoing further evaluations”.

She was scheduled to return to her show on October 4, but this was postponed and guest hosts replaced her.

Williams thanked those guest hosts, along with her staff, and the syndication company and stations that air her daytime talk show.

“Above all, I want to thank my fans. I’ve heard your prayers and comments and I feel all the love! You mean everything to me,” her statement read. “I love spending my mornings with you all and I’m doing everything I can to get back to work, but right now Wendy has to focus on Wendy. Love you for watching.”

Jessica C. Bell