‘Two competitive guys on a subject that is very everywhere, as they say’

-Fisher on wide receiver Ainias Smith, who missed media day after his DUI arrest

“Going back to what happened in February, what I’m going to do now is address it. Going forward, this will be the last time I talk about this. There has been an investigation It was uncomfortable. It was baseless. It was an opportunity for people to personally attack me, my family and also our program. And it didn’t work. Right now, our goal is to moving forward. What came out of that survey was a lot of positives. There was a silver lining to all of this. What I saw from our players and our coaches, that It was leadership opportunities for them, which is exactly what they did. You got a chance to see guys show leadership. You got a chance to see coaches show leadership. What he did is he united our football team, our players, our staff, our football team I’m really proud of our guys I’m proud of what something like that could be very difficult and difficult for a lot of people, the way our guys stepped up and handled the situation. We had coaches and players who could have gone to different places, avoided all the adversity and challenges. They didn’t do that.

-Auburn coach Bryan Harsin’s opening statement on an internal investigation that endangered his job

“I think the message is: look. We have to go out there and play. That’s the beauty of what we get to do every Saturday, okay? When you enter the arena, you have the option to go there and settle the score, okay? You have a chance to compete. That’s really what we’re doing this for. We do it so that we can step into that arena and have that opportunity. We told our recruits: watch out. I think those who have been on our campus, they see the energy and the vibe, what’s going on, how the players react, the coaches connect, everything that we do.

– Harsin on program identity amid negative recruiting

“I would say Georgia. Alabama has these guys. They have Evan Neil, the center a few years ago that flattened my freshman year. Alabama has a few guys, but Georgia is all-around. They play hard. They are physical, they are tough, they are strong. Their line coach does a good job with these guys. They move well. They try to focus on the little things to help you beat guys like that, because we lead as the D-line and they lead as the O-line. It comes down to little things, little matches that you find. So I should say Georgia.

– Auburn defensive end Derick Hall on the toughest offensive line in the SEC

“Man, I don’t want to be anywhere here isn’t hungry to be better. Expectations will never be higher outside the building than inside the building. Getting our children to understand, not soak up the noise outside. … They’re going to hear it, they’re going to see it, but it changes the way you strain, focus, go about your daily routines. A year ago what was being said outside of our program had nothing to do with who and what we were as a program – when I came here for Media Day a year ago – with who and what we were when we opened last fall and how we competed each week. Outside noise will also have nothing to do with who we are this fall. We need to do a great job of continuing this journey, competing, completing our summer training here next week, and then having a great training camp taking it one day at a time.

-Tennessee coach Josh Heupel on higher expectations

Jessica C. Bell