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KOCHI: With the UDF’s landslide victory, the question in the air now is: where have the Twenty20 votes gone? A majority of observers assume that the party’s supporters favored the UDF because it had not presented its own candidate this time. The Twenty20-AAP combine’s ‘conscience vote’ went to the UDF prize pool, helping Uma Thomas garner a huge margin, it seems.

The number of votes collected by the UDF candidate increased by 12,931 to 72,770 against 59,839 in 2021. The votes of the LDF also increased by 2,244, from 45,510 in 2021 to 47,754. In this scenario, the argument that the Twenty20 factor played a key role in the UDF’s huge margin of victory is gaining strength.

Dr Dhanuraj, chairman of the Kochi-based Center for Public Policy Research (CPPR), said the Twenty20-AAP votes were in favor of the UDF. “However, all the factors came out in favor of the UDF, including the Twenty20 votes, the PC George issue and others, and the huge margin of victory is due to that,” he said. underline.

The Twenty20 candidate garnered 13,897 votes, 10.18%, of the total votes polled in 2021, while the BJP candidate received only 15,483 votes, 11.34%. However, the Twenty20-AAP alliance decided to stay away from the fray citing that bypoll is irrelevant in the current political scenario of Kerala. Sabu M Jacob, chief coordinator of Twenty20, said that They had asked people to exercise their right to vote according to their conscience and it was evident from the result of the poll.

“We got around 14,000 votes in the 2021 election and there was a possibility of getting around 25,000 votes this time. If we were in the fray, the situation would have been different. Many voters abstained from voting as Twenty20 decided to stay out of the fray,” he added.

Jessica C. Bell