‘Totapuri is serious subject matter, sensitively imbued with elements of comedy and love’ – Cinema Express

Aditi Prabhudeva is one of the most in-demand actors, busy with back-to-back projects. However, the actor was offered Totapuri just after his big screen debut with Suni’s Bazaar. “When transitioning from the small screen to films, I was looking to do unconventional roles, and after a long wait, I was offered a good character in the direction of Vijaya Prasad,” says Aditi, who is looking forward to watch on the silver screen this Friday. “The director had called me for an audition. He didn’t tell the story, or give a brief overview of my role. He just wanted me to give it a try and see if I could fit into the character. Thankfully , I was selected and only then was the story told to me. He then gave me a week to get used to playing the role of a Muslim girl,” he said. -she.

Aditi is calling Totapuri a particular subject. “Regardless of the religion we belong to and the customs we follow and practice, we are simply human and it is the humanity within us that unites us. The good and bad we do is not decided by religion; peaceful coexistence is above all. Although it is a serious subject, it is delicately linked with elements of comedy and love, which makes it a commercial artist, underlined with a strong message.

Vijaya Prasad, who is known for his writing strength, has the right cast for this endeavor. “Actors Jaggesh, Suman Ranganath, Veena Sunder, Dattana can balance humor and serious scenes, and they come together for a meaningful film,” says Aditi. What does the title mean to her? “In my opinion, Totapuri is one of my favorite fruits, which has a mixture of sweet, sour and bitter tastes. It is mixed with salt and spices before eating, and it is also the essence even from the story of Vijaya Prasad. Jaggesh plays a tailor, famous for designing totapuri. I play a Muslim girl working in a bank, who lives with a big family and runs a mango business, specializing in Totapuri. is a catchy title that also adds value to the film,” she says.

Calling Vijaya Prasad an incredible soul, who gives equal treatment to actors and junior artists, Aditi says he is a filmmaker with a good sense of humor, especially with the dialogues and characterizations he brings to his films. characters. “On the sets, he is very serious and very mature. His films promise quality entertainment and a social message,” she says.

Sharing screen space with Jaggesh, Aditi says, “The director is known for bringing unconventional combinations and unique subject matter. Working with a senior actor like Jaggesh is a great addition to my career.”

Jessica C. Bell