Topic on Medical Marijuana in Rotary | Local News

A state pharmacy official was the guest speaker at the Defiance Rotary lunch meeting on Monday and discussed various aspects of Ohio’s medical marijuana program.

Jesse Wimberly, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy regional officer in charge of the state’s medical marijuana control program, was in attendance at the weekly Rotary session held at VFW Post 3360.

Wimberly spoke for just over 35 minutes, according to Kirstie Mack, president of Defiance Rotary, explaining her agency’s role in regulating medical marijuana in Ohio.

Recreational marijuana is not permitted in Ohio, and no bill providing for this is pending in the General Assembly.

According to Rotary President-elect Sean O’Donnell, who takes office as president in July, Wimberly explained that those who obtain medical marijuana in Ohio must have one of 26 medical conditions diagnosed by a physician. Recipients of such a card can use them at one of the state’s many dispensaries. some professional knowledge of the medical marijuana situation. Pharmacists and doctors licensed to prescribe medical marijuana cards also have obligations, O’Donnell explained. Wimberly told Rotarians of two incidents in which doctors or pharmacists were caught trying to taste marijuana themselves and face penalties such as having their license revoked.

“According to him (Wimberly), they regulate it quite tightly,” O’Donnell said. The Crescent News. “It was reassuring for many of us to hear that.”

As for Wimberly’s Rotary appearance on Monday, O’Donnell had invited him to attend.

“I had heard of him before, so I invited him (to Rotary) a few months ago,” he explained. “He was excellent. He’s obviously been doing it for a while and he’s very confident in the program.

Jessica C. Bell