Tips for composing an argumentative essay: revealing the proposed topic

The most common form of expressing reasoned thoughts through academic writing is writing an argumentative essay, which is a written work on a specific topic. The main purpose of writing an essay is to reveal the proposed topic by presenting various arguments (theses). They must be supported by evidence and illustrated with all kinds of examples.

At the forefront of the essay is the author’s personality. His thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards the world become the basis of the composition. Many people wonder: is the video game a sporting argumentative essay? In fact, it should not be considered a sport because physical effort is absent here.

Designing an argumentative essay

It should be remembered that an essay is a small essay that is distinguished by its semantic unity. Therefore, a coherent text is compiled, linking words are used, and special attention is paid to the correct spelling of social science terms. It is desirable to divide the text of the essay into paragraphs, each of which expresses a separate thought. In this case, the red line must be respected.

The finished essay should be analyzed for compliance with the criteria used to evaluate the work. Additionally, an added benefit of the essay is its inclusion:

  • brief information on the author of the declaration (for example, “eminent French philosopher-scout”, “famous existentialist philosopher”, “founder of the idealist current in philosophy”, etc.);
  • descriptions of different points of view on the problem or different approaches to its solution;
  • indications of the ambiguity of the concepts and terms used with justification of the meaning in which they are used in the essay;
  • indications of alternative solutions to the problem.

Theoretical reasoning

These are the theoretical requirements you use to explain your view of the problem. According to the evaluation criteria, the theoretical argument should include the right ones from the point of view of scientific social sciences:

  • Disclosure of the meaning of the key concept(s);
  • Theoretical conditions on the subject.

As theoretical arguments, one can also use the thoughts, sayings and ideas of past thinkers, which are related to the problem. Another version of the theoretical argument: “The ancient Greek scientist Aristotle called man a political creature, that is, a social creature. Man can only live in society, outside society he is nobody. Society creates man.

Factual reasoning

These are specific arguments that can be made based on:

  • The public life of modern society (patterns of situations, real facts, media, statistics, etc.);
  • Personal social experience, including experience of acquaintances, friends, relatives; this also includes examples of film/literary/theatre productions;
  • historical events.

It is necessary to cite at least two elaborate and supporting facts from different sources. The examples must also have a different meaning. Well, if you give an example from the literature that reveals the problem.


At the very end, try to succinctly state what was said in the arguments and summarize it briefly. In conclusion, the arguments about the importance of the problem, its relevance and the consequences of ignoring it are appropriate. You can ask the company to take the problem more carefully or to appreciate the importance of studying it. An output format in the form of an indication of the place of the problem in the modern world and society is also suitable.

Consider these tips when writing an essay

The ability to compose an appropriately organized and reasonably intelligible essay is useful to everyone. A highly prized essay contains assertions that aid primary thought and persuade the reader of its correctness. Essay Writing Service includes a full reflection of the issue discussed in the preparation of a work, as well as solid arguments that can persuade the reader of the correctness of the creator’s perspective.

  • Think about the reason for the argumentative essay. The motivation behind this kind of essay is deep thinking about any issue or point. In such an article, all parts of the subject being discussed should be studied, taking into account all potential perspectives.
  • In an argumentative essay, you obviously have to express your point of view, make sense of its advantages over different points of view, and come to sensible determinations accordingly. Follow the system to compose a factious essay. Before you start creating an argumentative essay, you need to have a good grasp of the relevant material.
  • Remember the ideal results of your trial. A definite purpose of an argumentative article (other than being asked by an instructor!) is to persuade others of something by prompting them to their point of view on the issue being discussed.
  • Choose an appropriate topic. Remember that in an argumentative essay, a specific perspective is kept on a debatable issue. Thus, a subject on which there is agreement is not appropriate for such an article. For example, you probably won’t be able to write a decent argumentative article about the benefits of real business since this theory is not debatable to anyone.
  • Choose a point that intrigues you. It will take some investment to plan and write an article, so you should choose a point that will be of some importance to you.
  • Check your thesis. Talk it over with a companion or associate (it helps if your interviewer has another perspective). This will help you refine your affirmations and lead to new affirmations to help your central topic.

Find your target audience

When writing an argumentative essay, it is essential to understand who it is expected of. If you are doing a learning task, your related students and the educator will walk through the essay. Or, on the other hand, maybe you’re composing for a much larger audience. Either way, for more convincing argument development, you need to think about your audience. Individuals’ level of education, calling, and educational experience influences how they view a perspective that is not the same as their own, so these should be considered when writing a A try.

While attending to various gatherings, they use various languages. For example, with the priest of a neighborhood church, you speak in a unique way unlike a stranger you meet in the city by coincidence. While addressing a specific crowd, it is essential to consider these contrasts.

Jessica C. Bell