The subject of UFOs makes the rounds of Ottawa

OTTAWA – The federal Liberals appear to be taking seriously a call from Manitoba MPs to probe UFOs as a possible national security risk.

“I’m confident that our national security apparatus is looking at all kinds of threats to our national security,” Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino told a House committee last week.

Member of Parliament for Brandon—Souris, Larry Maguire, has questioned U.S. and Canadian officials about unidentified flying objects over the past few weeks, as U.S. officials have spoken of hundreds of objects traveling at speeds and irregular angles, and sometimes escape radar signals.

Americans refer to the matter as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), to avoid the mental image of flying saucers and big-eyed aliens. They were particularly concerned about sightings near nuclear facilities.

This week, Maguire will visit Canadian nuclear power plants, as part of his work with the natural resources committee.

His Conservative colleague, Kildonan—St. MP Paul Raquel Dancho raised the issue last week when interviewing Mendicino, whose extensive portfolio includes Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“It feels a bit like a fringe area dominated by conspiracy theories. But given that the United States recently took this very seriously – their director of national intelligence talks about it – do you think your government should take this as seriously as the US government? Dancho asked.

Mendicino replied that he had no information on the subject and that it was probably the responsibility of the Minister of Defense, whom military officials had informed of the matter in 2021.

“Our national security partners research potential threats to our national security in all dimensions and as they arise, we are notified,” Mendicino said.

Dancho asked the minister to reach out to his American counterparts.

The National Defense Committee has not studied the issue; its agenda was dominated by consideration of armed forces recruiting issues, harassment issues and the strain of national deployments in response to natural disasters and COVID-19 outbreaks.

In Canada, pilots have a legal duty to report unidentified flying objects, but Maguire said officials need to look for patterns in that data. Experts say Canada has recalled its extensive analysis on the issue in the mid-1990s.

Dylan Robertson

Dylan Robertson
Head of the Parliamentary Office

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