The plight of farmers is a hot topic at UNDRR’s global platform – FBC News

While disasters and climate change affect everyone, however, farmers cannot be left on their own for long.

The plight of farmers is a hot topic at the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction taking place in Bali, Indonesia.

Katie Milne, a New Zealand-based dairy farmer who is also vying for the presidency of the World Farmers Organization, says the idea is often that farmers are resilient.

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“They will stay as long as they can because they have animals, crops and their livelihood. It is not easy to pick up and escape a disaster so that they stay, but society at large and disaster risk management organizations must realize that they must ensure that someone one go check out the farmers and what is happening to them as well.

Milne says ongoing disasters and the pandemic are the current issues facing farmers in the Asia-Pacific region.

“It has had a long term effect on the mental wellbeing of many farmers and they are quite exhausted from having kept working and the pressures and stresses of things that would normally work very well are not working so well. Logistically, for example, not being able to get produce to market on time or getting the inputs they need to arrive on the farm in a timely manner. »

She adds that women in the industry are also at the forefront of agricultural and domestic tasks, and should also be at the forefront of decision-making.

Jessica C. Bell