The new subject of debate in the French Parliament

A right-wing MP asked the speaker of parliament to enforce an “obligation to wear a tie”.


With debates over the rising cost of living and President Emmanuel Macron’s allies short of an overall majority, what MPs are wearing may not seem like the most burning issue in the French parliament.

But there have been heated discussions in recent days about this crucial question in contemporary menswear – should men wear ties in the bedroom?

The issue was triggered by the presence of a large contingent of MPs from the far-left La France Insoumise (LFI) party which performed well in last month’s legislative elections as part of the left-wing alliance NUPES. .

Many male LFI MPs chose not to wear a tie in parliament, leaving some right-wing counterparts appalled. Prominent LFI members of its younger generation, such as MP Adrien Quatennens, are almost always unequal.

The right-wing deputy Les Républicains Eric Ciotti asked in a letter to the president of parliament to enforce “the obligation to wear a tie” in the hemicycle, in order “to prevent certain deputies, in particular from LFI, from allowing themselves to wear more and more casual clothes in the bedroom”.

He described it as a “mark of respect due to our institutions and to our compatriots”.

But the LFI faction responded with a letter of its own on Friday, stating that “the outfit does not make the MP”.

“The deputies must reflect the image of the people, their hopes and their indignation, and must not be marginalized”, specifies the letter signed by the eminent deputies LFI Mathilde Panot and Alexis Corbière.

They argued that in 2022 wearing a tie did not imply smart dress but rather membership of a “particular social group” and said MPs had been allowed to go without a tie when in office. previous parliament.

LFI MP Louis Boyard even went further, demanding that Parliament “prohibit costumes sold at indecent prices” and regret that some MPs are wearing “increasingly expensive outfits”.

Right-wing MP Renaud Muselier had also denounced left-wing MPs as “the dirty, scruffy left, screaming everywhere”, saying there was a “behavioural problem”.

Parliament’s Rules of Procedure are not specific on whether MPs should wear ties, saying they must be in “informal dress”, which usually means a business suit.

The strong performance of LFI and NUPES in the legislative elections deprived Macron of his majority, although the government is now trying to push through legislation on a case-by-case basis.

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Jessica C. Bell