The importance of respect is the subject of the poems of our #kbminijournalists | Vizcaya key

Ending a lull in their writing for Islander News, the Key Biscayne K-8 Center #kbminijournalists are back, this time writing beautiful acrostic poems.

“I think some of them are extraordinarily poignant,” said fourth grade teacher Clio Walshe Crawford.

“These young writers tackle the subject of respect, and their observations can help all of us – young or old – cope with our divided and often antagonistic world. The works felt like a timely reminder,” added Walshe Crawford.

I hope you enjoy these poems as much as we enjoy reciting them to you. Special thanks to our group of #kbminijournalists, who show that they are wise beyond their years.

Respectful of others, like letting

Everyone be included, even if sometimes I need

space for me

Perfecting my ideas for models that are always

Exciting. Models keep me

Calm when times get tough, so I can be

Thoughtful and … NICE !!

Spencer Elliot Bustos Roessler

Remember to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Everyone was treated equally with kindness.

Special people along the way.

Play and invite friends over for fun in the sun.

Every day, I’m nice to my friends and family, even my little brother!

Keep spreading the kindness.

To defend your friends, help them face their fear.

Cristina Caparros

Respect: Correct behavior can be used to

Engaging with other children, which is a

Show kindness so you can

Get ready for new friends and

Escape wicked feelings.

Connect with kindness;

Truth be told, kindness suits us best.

Simon Caniglia

respect the government

Eat everything, don’t just waste food,

So you can protect the Earth.

Play well with each other.

Amazing people are everywhere!

Pick up trash to save animals, and

Try to be nice to everyone.

Lexie Eyzenberg


Everyone, even if they make you


Put on a smiley face.


Catch good words and send them back!

It will help the world.

Sebastien Dangond

Respect your family, pets and friends.

Everyone should respect the environment.

Someone can respect someone else by having them play.

People should treat others as they want to be treated

Encouraging people helps others do things.

Calm people help others to be calm.

Try to respect people with kindness

Alessandro Contreras


Everyone is unique, so

Support your friends.

Protect the environment.

Encourage everyone.

It’s good to take care of the environment

Treat everyone the same

Kaden Polychrones

Respect people all around

Everything you touch is clean.

Superman even respects the air that he doesn’t use harmful things to fly, no

gas, no nothing, just superpowers!

People can be respectful, but some are not

Even if this happens, you can still be respectful!

Crazy things happen, but the only resources you need are you and your heart

Today was fun learning about respect.

Elise Nix

Respect all living creatures –

Even your brother!

So you can smile and have fun and respect each other.

People – like teachers and many others too!

Elephants, giraffes and zebras all from the zoo

Can you respect too?

Treat others with kindness and you will soon see!

Elisa Castro

Respect is being careful with people.

Excellent! Now, be gentle too.

So to be respectful of feelings,

Please be nice.

Everyone has feelings, so be

Be careful with them.

Try to be a good person.

Lina Zadeh

Respect is a

Essential act that can troubleshoot

So long when

Participate in games

Even if your

Classmates don’t respect you back,

Do your best to make yourself and others feel better

Otho Marlieri

Respect all day!

Every day you can respect your family or friends.

Great if you teach respect too!

People can be very respectful.

Great job if you’re trying to be respectful!

Crazy things can happen, but always try to be respectful!

Try to be respectful whenever you can!

Adele Montes

Respect everyone –

Even your annoying siblings!

So if someone is alone

Play with them and have fun

Encourage people to help the environment

Taking care of the environment will make it better

This respect will change our beautiful world

Mathias Urban

Respect means different things to different people

Great people show respect for others

Spectacular things happen when you respect others,

Pretty things.

Even people on the other side of the world can show respect!

Can you respect others?

Try it!

Angelique Grillas

respect is

Encourage people to be kind,

Support your friends, or

Playing with children left behind

Educate children to help the environment, and even have

Courage against bullies. All of this is

Teaching children kindness

Vince Chaustre

Respect all living beings,

especially the animals

Same thing with books and other things like:



Cats – all

Treat them how you would like to be treated

Paloma Jorré

Robbing banks is so disrespectful. If I ever stole, I would return what I took.

Everyone should be respectful because others will like you.

Stealing is disrespectful

Physical education is fun if you respect the coach

Electing good people is respectful of the person you elect

Cuddles: If your mom respects you, you should cuddle her!

TV. the news can also teach you to be respectful

Diana Barbera

Respect is a very strong word that encourages you to be the best person possible. So you can have lots of friends.

People will do the same, like a virus, and the

The environment will be clean and comfortable.

Respect! Cheers!

Nikkie Nahouz

Respect each other

Empathy with people

Stealing is disrespectful

Privacy must be respected

Everyone should be treated well

Caring for people

The truth must always be told

David Palacios

Reasons to respect: so that everyone can be kind and support friends in difficult situations, as well as privacy for everyone. Eye contact when people are talking.

Caring and sharing, and finally being truthful for life.

Clarisse Oletta

Jessica C. Bell