The county councilors could discuss a subject you wish to raise

Newtown residents can bring an issue they are passionate about to Powys County Councillors.

The county council invites members of the public to submit a topic for discussion to councilors at its review committee.

Issues ranging from roads to housing tax, from social services to education, can be raised among others.

“Anyone can do this as a guest, or if they have a My Account, they can log in and parts of the online form will be automatically filled in for them, if they’ve added their address and details to his profile,” a spokesperson for the council said.

“Not all suggestions can be discussed, but all will be considered, and it will be up to the individual review committees to decide if a submission is relevant.”

The website may also be used in the same way to comment on items on the agenda of any of Powys County Council’s Oversight Committees.

“My Account owners will also be able to come back and view details of their applications at any time and see updates on their progress. And if they phone the council about an application, it will be possible to officers to quickly access these details,” the spokesperson added.

Oversight committees help develop and review policies, monitor performance and budgets, review board services and matters affecting Powys, and make recommendations to cabinet or the board.

Cllr Beverley Baynham, portfolio holder for Corporate Governance and Regulatory Services, said: “If you have a topic that you are really passionate about and think it deserves to be discussed in more detail, please contact us. through the website.

“We are always keen to hear what residents and businesses think of the council’s work, so that we can make improvements to our services. And we also know that good ideas, with the power to improve lives and communities, can come from anywhere.

Review committees cannot review individual complaints, grievances or areas of concern, or any regulatory issues such as planning, taxi licensing, trading standards or licensing. Suggested topics must relate to a group or community of people living or working in Powys, relate to a service and not have been covered by another committee.

To suggest a topic for discussion or to comment on an agenda item, go to the Powys County Council (PCC) website and search for ‘oversight committees’. Or if you want to become a My Account owner first, search for “My Account”.

These changes have been made thanks to feedback from Audit Wales, as part of the Digital Powys project, which aims to give residents more choice about how, when and how to interact with the council. It is also part of the board’s transformation program to achieve the aspirations of the Vision 2025 business improvement plan.

Suggested topics can also be submitted in writing, by emailing them to the PCC Exam Manager and Democratic Services Manager, Wyn Richards:

Jessica C. Bell