The best part is that Swaran Ghar brings up the topic of parents’ expectations of…

Sangita Ghosh plays the lead role in Swaran Ghar. The show is produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainments. Sangeeta talks about the show and more. She begins by praising the title of the show.

“Swaran Ghar is a beautiful title. There are two ways to take a house of gold, which means that the people who live there have a heart of gold. And, the protagonist of the show is Swaran and this is the story of his house and his life. Also, what I like the most about Swaran Ghar is that it touches on the subject of whether expecting things from your children is right or wrong. It’s an expectation in terms of love, respect and being there for their parents when they need it. It’s not primarily about the parent-child relationship. Now it’s all about Swaran’s life and her struggles after living a fully sheltered life with her husband, who is no more,” she says.

Sangita finds Swaran’s character relatable. “It’s the story of the parents, of the children, their obstacles and their problems. I had no problems as such, touchwood. But the relationship between parents and children is quite relatable,” she adds.

The show is rich in emotion and drama when it comes to interpersonal relationships in the family. “The show is extremely dramatic in the story, not in the performance. In real life, drama happens every day. In India, we are so attached to our family, our friends and our work and because we are tender and that we can’t tear ourselves away easily,” she continues, “The story is nothing like what you’ve never heard before. The simplicity of the show makes it a bit harsh. It’s very hard to be simple, natural and to the point. Sometimes we can’t hit the mark and sometimes we do. My co-actors are amazing, we always help each other out. Fingers crossed; I hope the show does better than she does now in the future.

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Current generations treat parents very differently than they did before. “I think this debate is only applicable when it comes to cities. In rural areas, it’s always the same, it’s always very difficult to defend rights and express oneself, and therefore parents and children suffer. Every house has a lot of problems that they all face. But, no matter what, disrespect should not come from any side, be it parents or children,” she adds.

Stories about the relationship between parents and children are always relevant. Agreeing, Sangita said, “That’s how the world works and that’s how it’s made.” And that’s how things go in life too. When you get married and you have your ambitions and you have your children and then you have ambitions about them, it’s a circle. It never ends.

Sangita says working with Ravie and Sargun has been amazing. “They are hassle-free producers and aside from the daily soap, they go through more than that. Then it’s the creative team, directors and actors. We shoot in Chandigarh; we are all very well and comfortably accommodated here. They are open to discussions, which is really very welcoming. The team is always there to listen to us and put us at ease. It’s a great job, but it’s hard to stay away from your family,” she adds.

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