Synthesio introduces Topic Modeling, an AI-powered trend discovery engine

Synthesis Inc.

NEW YORK, July 06 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synthesio, a social listening pioneer and leader in AI-based consumer intelligence, today announced the general release of a groundbreaking solution: Topic Modeling. This artificial intelligence (AI)-based discovery engine automatically analyzes, categorizes and visualizes hundreds of thousands of online conversations in just a few clicks using the power of machine learning. Topic Modeling detects consumer-defined topics, uncovers unknown or hidden phenomena, and renders trend analysis Easier.

“Consumer trends emerge, take hold, then go out of fashion or move faster than most marketers and insights professionals can keep up. For those tasked with understanding consumers, this has increased the pressure to go even faster, anticipating changes in behavior and spotting trend signals as they emerge.To meet the new needs of our customers, we have evolved our solution beyond tracking consumer messages, to actually identifying new ideas and ideas,” said Heath Podvesker, CEO of Synthesio.

Topic Modeling was co-built with the data science experts at Ipsos and inspired by their proven methodologies, yielding over five years of search intelligence, to transform unstructured data into actionable insights. Over the past few months, we’ve seen customers use Topic Modeling betas to discover topics and themes they didn’t know existed – and, in turn, identify new markets and innovation opportunities.

“Topic Modeling is unique in the market because of its design and development with Ipsos. In action, you simply point the AI ​​engine at a defined data set and let it analyze and categorize conversations into related topics. This allows you to explore online conversations through the lens of AI-discovered themes and topics, discover “authentic moments” and associations – and visualize each individual message. The bottom-up approach can have a profound impact on how marketing and insights teams work,” said Benjamin Payet, Synthesio Product Director.

Synthesio Thematic Modeling will be generally available July 20 on the Synthesio platform with groundbreaking data science enhancements. Among them, users will have access to a new visualization that renders up to 115 times faster than the beta, a new treemap widget to quantify the results of Topic Modeling studies, and the ability to run studies on a range online and offline data.

About Synthesio

Synthesis, an Ipsos company, is a global leader in AI-based consumer intelligence. Our hybrid offering provides businesses, brands and agencies with the most complete, accurate and predictive picture of their markets and buyers. Our AICI platform, powered by the most advanced natural language understanding and AI algorithms, supports the widest range of online and offline data sources and fully leverages Ipsos’ award-winning analytical frameworks. Synthesio was founded in 2006 and has offices in New York, Paris, London, Singapore and Brussels.

Want to learn more about Topic Modeling and what the big brands are doing to spot trends and stay ahead of the market? Request a demo with our team now! Join us on July 28 to see Topic Modeling in action for an exclusive webinar.

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