Some books should be banned depending on the subject | To select

Book bans have been a major and controversial topic in the news lately. The main question is whether certain books should be allowed in school libraries.

Also, bans of certain books across the country are another dispute. I believe every school should have the ability to choose which books are allowed.

Books containing sexually explicit scenes should not be allowed during school hours. I don’t think it’s acceptable for teenagers to read these types of books in school. It can fill their minds with thoughts that shouldn’t be present during the school day.

Moreover, books about sexual and gender identity also have the potential to be explicit. These have no place in schools. Also, private schools shouldn’t have to include books like these in their libraries because their religious views differ from what these books say. Private schools should have the right to choose the books they deem appropriate for their students to read.

Parents don’t have as much control over what happens during the child’s school day. That being said, parents’ opinions should also be valued. Parents want the best for their children, and allowing students to read explicit books reduces parents’ ability to protect their children.

Some books already banned due to harsh language or racial slurs could be used as a learning opportunity for students. When teachers use books that contain racial slurs, they might explain how demeaning the words are. There may be students who are completely unaware of how degrading words are because they haven’t received the proper education.

Simply banning books that use racial slurs doesn’t teach how derogatory the words are. I believe teaching books with racial slurs and harsh language could prove to be a great learning experience for young students. Some of these books might include “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Of Mice and Men”.

Overall, I think it’s important to protect the minds of our younger generation while providing an awareness of how words can affect others. If students are never taught not to use a word, they may not realize it is wrong. I also think each school should choose which books can be allowed.

Finally, I believe that we must also listen to the voice of parents. They are always responsible for their children and should have a say in what their children learn.

Jessica C. Bell