Smart home technologies are a hot topic during the IFA 2022 keynote

New smart home technologies will be at the center of IFA 2022, when Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer of Schneider Electric, will talk about energy savings in her keynote.

In her keynote address, “The smart home is a smart option for a sustainable future,” Avice-Huet, who in 2018 was nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and made a Knight of the Order of French Merit in 2019, will discuss the impact of consumer behavior on global climate change. and how society can benefit from smart home energy technologies.

Avice-Huet will discuss and explain how smart home technologies and energy savings can help reduce CO2 emissions and be part of a larger climate control proposition. According to a UN study, homes now account for 20% of global CO2 emissions.

According to a 2021 survey commissioned by Schneider Electric, more than half of consumers want to reduce CO2 emissions from their households to zero. For many people around the world, energy and economic efficiency at home is a top priority, says Avice-Huet.

“It’s the home of the future that we’re innovating for, with smart home energy management at its heart. We want to give everyone access to a sustainable future and continue to decarbonize our planet.“

Gwenaelle Avice-Huet of Schneider Electric will hold her keynote on September 3 at 5 p.m. on the IFA convention stage in hall 23.

Jessica C. Bell