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In this edition of “Sketchbook,” we meet Ohio-based author Dustin Brady.

Read the script:

[Dustin Brady, Author]: Hi, my name is Dustin Brady. I’m the author of “Trapped in a Video Game”.

When I started writing this book, I wanted to write my favorite book for when I was 10, so I made a list of all the things I loved at that age, and unsurprisingly, one things at the top of that list were video games.

Specifically, there was this game show, it was called “Nickelodeon Arcade”. So on this show a screen was turning on and these real kids were inside a real video game and when I saw this my mind exploded. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

So I thought about it all the time. I thought about how I could get into a video game, how I could get into this show. I just thought that if I thought it was cool when I was a kid, kids today would think so too.

“I close my eyes to orient myself” and open them again to see two angry eyes “two inches away staring back.” “Nap time is over, maggot!”

“Both eyes were attached to a surly drill sergeant” who seemed like the most furious person ever.

“I tried to back off. “Look, I don’t… “That’s a big… “Okay, if you call my mom. “The drill sergeant didn’t seem interested” in clarifying things with Ms Rigsby.

‘Instead, grab me by the neck’, like a bully on TV would, ‘Listen to the fly, ”I don’t know how you strapped that blaster to your arm” but he’s here now and we’re going to use it for-‘ “the what attached to my what?

“I look down. A blaster, strapped to my arm” where my left hand should be. “My screams did nothing to stop the drill sergeant” from continuing his little speech.

“‘Remove the alien scum on the rock it came from. “‘You are humanity’s only hope for… “‘this planet.

“‘Your mission will be long. Your mission will be difficult. “‘Your mission will probably be deadly. “‘But you,’

“I kept screaming for the rest of the speech.”

It was very cool. The coolest part, really, is getting ratings from parents, teachers, and kids that this is the first book, the first series that some kids have read on their own.

The kids maybe thought they didn’t like reading before, that they didn’t like books, but it’s something they really connected with and it was very, very cool to see.

You know, when I was growing up I thought, I don’t know, you had to go to school and someone had to choose you to be an author, it was like a job where you had to interview for something, I don’t know.

For me, the biggest difficulty of being an author was not to find a publisher or to come up with an idea. It was really sit down and do the work and I always want to let the kids know it’s okay.

If you’re not enthusiastic about doing what you’re passionate about, doing what you’re good at, whether it’s writing, art, music, or something like that.

If you sit down and work, you can do something you’re really proud of.

Jessica C. Bell