Should you eat parrot eggs? Reddit discussing the topic

In the Reddit thread, CaveManta wondered, “You cooked the egg? How did you cook the parrot?” Turns out you can cook parrot eggs like chicken eggs, according to parrot website. You can boil them, like Asato did; you can also fry them, poach them or use them to make omelettes. Because parrots are small, it takes about three to five parrot eggs to equal one chicken egg. That’s one of the reasons parrot eggs aren’t a common food source, according to a Quora discussion.

Moreover, they are not very productive. Some hens can lay about one egg a day for much of the year, depending on K&H Pet Products. Compared to poultry, parrot production is much more derisory. They only lay two to four eggs a year, says All about parrots. So while you can eat their eggs, they’re probably better as pets.

If you are going to eat parrot eggs, be sure to prepare them in a way that reduces the risk of food poisoning, just as you would any other type of egg. the Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention recommends storing eggs in the refrigerator, cooking them until the yolks and whites are firm, and washing your hands after handling raw eggs. While parrot eggs aren’t likely to poison you, if the internet is any indication, you may still have to deal with disgusted friends and family. Now we have to wonder: Has Paula Deen ever eaten her parrot eggs?

Jessica C. Bell