Sex shouldn’t be taboo in college – The Daily Eastern News

Sex is not a dirty word.

Many people wait until their children reach a certain age to teach them about sex. Some never really teach them, relying on school systems to provide that education.

Most schools are not equipped to act as “parents” in this way and often omit important details in the interest of protecting the innocence of children.

This means that many people’s first sexual experience goes wrong and could have dangerous consequences.

With parents making sex taboo, teens won’t go to their parents when they have to deal with serious issues like possible pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections.

Most people become sexually active in high school or college, where being alone for the first time can make things even scarier.

If we talked more about sex, we might not make everyone’s first time perfect, but a lot of fear and regret could be avoided if they had some education about the right things to do.

University shouldn’t be the first place people go to learn about contraceptives, STDs, testing and other safety measures.

These conversations don’t have to be serious or include graphic details. Simple explanations of how sex acts work may suffice if people know they are allowed to ask questions later.

The internet can be a great resource for learning more about many topics, but sex isn’t usually one of them – at least not without a basis for reality.

Internet searches can also provide far more information than anyone needs.

Conversations around sex should also extend beyond heteronormative relationships.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community are generally not given any information about how their relationships work, which leads to more dangerous acts.

Moreover, if we had no taboo around sex, we could also remove the taboo around sexualities. Sexualities should be part of sex education and when parents explain sex to their children as well as the types of sex in addition to the “heterosexual” form of sex.

Removing the taboo around sex would also allow children to be able to talk to their parents about changes in their sexual organs.

Our reproductive organs go through many changes during puberty and once a person becomes sexually active.

These changes can seem frightening and life-threatening when in reality they are a common experience, or they could be something serious and a need to see a doctor.

However, with a taboo around sex and related topics, people may never talk about the changes with their bodies.

Sex shouldn’t be taboo; it is one of the processes that humans can experience and the knowledge should be readily available to everyone, from anyone.

Jessica C. Bell