Several residents discuss the topic of garbage in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents have written in to share their thoughts and concerns about the topic of litter in Ocala/Marion County.

“Sorry, I don’t normally fume, but as a landscaper, it’s absurd how much litter is everywhere. Not only in our community, but also in neighboring counties. We live in a lovely area with lots of trash. water and attractions. The fact that the homeless and the elderly can’t take their trash to the designated bin is stupid. Aldi’s is a great example, as I’m sure a lot of these places have public bins Is it so hard to walk the five ounce trash to the one pound trash can?Also I understand that old people die soon and they don’t care, but come on, villagers and seniors,” says Ocala resident Jameson Marley.

“A lot of that litter you see in bin bags on the road doesn’t necessarily come from people throwing it away. This is because they don’t secure their loads and they fall off their truck/trailer. I have witnessed this many times while going to recycling centers. I had to dodge trash bags falling from trucks. I’ve even avoided bins coming out of a collection bed after they’ve been emptied because they weren’t secured. And this, of course, in conjunction with all those who just throw their trash out the window. I’ve seen this many times,” says Ocala resident George Smith.

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Jessica C. Bell