Ryback becomes a trending topic due to his comments on Triple H’s retirement

As previously reported, Triple H has confirmed that he will never wrestle again due to his recent health issues.

Former WWE star Ryback commented on the news with the following message…

“You ended up being the biggest disappointment to me personally loving you growing up, but I wish you well in retirement and good future health. #HHH #TripleH #Ryback #Retirement @TripleH”

Ryback became a trending topic on Twitter due to fans criticizing him for what he wrote and his tweet was “ratio” with more quote retweets than likes. Ryback posted a response to the backlash…

“Negative wrestling brands are poison to the planet. We need to create a Markicide to control their spread. Completely out of control and I’ve never seen a more hateful group of pussies.

Jessica C. Bell