Rowdy Spring Breakers New Town of Smyrna Beach Reunion Special Topic | WNDB

Sean Mooney

New Smyrna Beach, Florida – The City of New Smyrna Beach Commission is holding a special meeting to address residents’ safety concerns about Spring Break.

Deputy Chief Tammy Malphurs of Volusia County Beach Safety said her agency was dealing with a large congregation that tends to build near Flagler Avenue. She said there had been fights and alcohol-related violations, nothing out of the ordinary as far as spring break on the beach goes. But then there is the problem of the large crowds that pour into the streets of NSB.

News Daytona Beach has contacted the New Smyrna Beach Police Department to ask about incidents that have occurred or reports filed by residents regarding Spring Breakers. We have not yet received a response. Mayor Russ Owens, however, discussed some of the issues facing the city in a prepared statement about the meeting.

“If families want to visit our city and be guests in our community, we welcome them and hope they have a great time. However, unaccompanied minors wandering our streets and neighborhoods causing trouble for our residents and businesses will not be tolerated. We are a family destination and we will take all necessary steps to remain so,” Mayor Russ Owen said ahead of the meeting. “If you dropped off your child in New Smyrna, it’s time to pick them up.”

The city will discuss preventive measures, including the establishment of a curfew for young people that will take effect immediately. They will also discuss increasing police presence in affected areas. The public will have the opportunity to address the City Board once the meeting has opened.

The meeting will take place Wednesday evening (March 16) at 5 p.m. in the Hames W. Hathaway rooms on Sam Avenue. If you cannot attend the meeting, you can consult it online via the the city website. You can click the link under the “View Event” column once the meeting is live.

Jessica C. Bell