Republican candidates discuss hot topics going on in Michigan

Election night is approaching and the candidates are doing what they can to get your vote.

On Saturday evening, Republican congressional hopeful John Gibbs and Attorney General nominee Matthew DePerno held a policy discussion in Kentwood.

Both candidates focused on the crime, Proposition 3, and their opponents’ stance on the issues. About 70 people turned up at the GR Church to hear Gibbs and DePerno speak.

Gibbs immediately tackled crime, including the shots were fired at the RiverTown Crossings shopping center earlier Saturday. He says he will seek to withhold funds if city and county leaders aren’t tougher on crime if elected.

“If you’re enforcing these policies that increase crime, why are you getting money from the DOJ? It’s not going to happen again,” Gibbs said. “So I think Congress needs the power of the stock market to compel behavior in these communities that are increasing crime.”

Gibbs also addressed other burning issues, including reproductive rights. He says he believes life begins at conception and is against Proposition 3.

Meanwhile, Attorney General hopeful DePerno has spent time clarifying his position on the matter. He says he wants to end abortion in the state except in cases where there is danger to the life of the mother.

DePerno says he supports the 1931 law here in Michigan, but thinks legislatures should make changes. He says he’s against what Dana Nessel did to not enforce the law. So, FOX 17 asked him where he would be if Proposition 3 passed.

“I mean, if it passes, that’s the will of the voters. It’s going to be a constitutional amendment,” DePerno said.

Again, Nessel and Scholten told FOX 17 they were unaware of Saturday’s discussion.

Dana Nessel’s office sent us this statement:

“Unlike her opponent, AG Nessel takes legal ethics and her professional responsibilities very seriously. As she has repeatedly stated, she will not put herself in a position to harm the tabulator investigation or to affect the outcome of the case. That’s why she requested a special prosecutor for the tabulator case in the first place, once it became clear that DePerno was involved.”

Hillary Scholten’s office reiterated that he was not invited but did not comment further.

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Jessica C. Bell