Raj Thackeray’s Change of Mind is an Interesting PhD Topic, Says Sanjay Raut | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said on Friday that loudspeakers in mosques were not being suppressed by the UP government, but were merely following Supreme Court orders (SC ), as does the government of Maharashtra. Raut also goes after MNS leader Raj Thackeray’s Yogi, Bhogi commented.
Raut said Raj’s change of heart is being researched and if a student wants to do a PhD on it, it would be a very interesting topic.
Shiv Sena also slammed PM Modi in his spokesperson Saamna. Shiv Sena said the issue of rising petrol and diesel prices raised by Prime Minister Modi during the Covid meeting with chief ministers was tantamount to shifting responsibility to others. The Sena said the central government has failed at all levels.
“The loudspeakers have not been taken down in UP. The UP government is just following the direction of the SC which is also the view of the Maharashtra government. The Maharashtra government is always following court orders. question from the speakers is an attempt to heat up the political atmosphere.Who is Yogi and who is bhogi?How did this sudden change of mind come about…it is a subject for research.If a student wishes to do a doctorate on this subject, he should do it and it is a very interesting subject,” said Raut.
“The Home Minister of Maharashtra had a meeting with the leaders of all opposition parties in the state over the loudspeaker issue. But the BJP, the largest opposition party in the state, had boycotted the meeting. It means you want to do politics. You want to stir up a commotion in the state over the loudspeaker issue. It is to confuse people. Also, we had said that a policy must be implemented in the country at the national level which will apply to the whole country. This policy will apply nationwide. The decision of the Yogi government is also very important and goes in the same direction,” Raut said.
The Sena said the purpose of the Covid meeting was nothing but to taunt the CM of the opposition led states. “Petrol and diesel prices run into the hundreds. When petrol became Rs 70 a liter during Congress rule, the BJP took to the streets to protest inflation.”

Jessica C. Bell