Psychedelics are the hot topic of the conference

Not too long ago, psychedelics emerged as a potentially better natural herbal medicine for treating things like treatment-resistant depression (TRD), in what is now a billion-dollar juggernaut. dollars from an industry.

Then an even more curious thing happened. About 2015, organizers of more and more cannabis conferences – and some that were not about cannabis at all – began to invite psychedelic speakers or to recognize their contribution to new medical therapeutic discoveries. People were curious. Plot. I wanted psychedelic leaders to join the discussions.

To consider:

– On January 23 at the World Economic Forum 2019, psychedelics were presented in a panel with the eminent Robert Carhart-Harris, Director of the Center for Psychedelics Research, Division of Brain Sciences, School of Medicine, Imperial College London. He talked about “The new science of psychedelics”.

– Discussions about psychedelics have found their way into TedX discussions since 2016—would have had 11 such talks in July 2021.

– Featured SXSW 2019 Show a session on psychedelics with Michael Pollan, “Exploring the Frontiers of Psychedelics”, and a to meet on psychedelics. Now there is six psychedelic sessions planned as part of a two day summit at SXSW 2022. One of which our Editor-in-Chief Debra Borchardt is moderating is titled “The Psychedelic Investment Opportunity.” She is joined by Ronan Levy, founder of Field Trip Health (NASDAQ: FTRP), Daniel Goldberg of the Palo Santo VC Fund and Gregg Peterson of Bexson Biomedical.

– The three-day Cannabis Science and Technology Conference in May 2022 has been added a whole conference track on psychedelics, with 11 sessions.

– The international annual BioHacker Summit featuring global experts in human well-being, performance and health, held annually since 2016 to examine issues such as developing a personal life extension strategy and how to biohack yourself for a optimal wellness, featured Robin Carhart-Harris in 2018 for their first session on psychedelics.

– Psychedelics were even present at one of the biggest trade shows in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, which gave Tripp PsyAssist the CES 2022 Innovation Awards for their virtual reality tool which can be used in psychedelic therapy.

Commercial investors are more interested in the industry than ever. They want more. And business conferences give it to them.

One such investor conference is Microdose Media’s Psychedelic Capital, held almost every month since June 2020, which covers top companies, latest IPOs, opportunities, and insights into the psychedelic industry. Microdose hosted one of the world’s largest virtual conferences for the emerging psychedelic medicine industry in April 2020.

In January 2021, a high profile commercial investor psychedelic debate, “A New Era for Psychedelic Medicine”, was one of the scientific conferences sponsored by SALT, a New York-based venture capital group that hosts global thought leadership and networking forums moderated by SALT President Anthony Scaramucci. The SALT talks have brought together the likes of Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, movie stars, ambassadors, prime ministers, innovative business developers, and more. Movers and shakers pay attention to all the topics covered here.

There are a growing number of conferences, large and small, dedicated to the psychedelic business, such as the annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research; the Cannadelic Miami Conference February 5 and 6 in Miami, billed as the premier cannabis and psychedelic event; and another major psychedelic conference scheduled for 2023—Psychedelic Science, June 19-23 in Denver, Colorado.

Adding to the movement of public meetings and conferences, mention of psychedelics continues on the pages of highly respected national and international publications such as The Economist, Forbes, the wall street journal, The NY Times and other respected business and lifestyle publications, some of which can’t help but include tongue-in-cheek headlines (The Economist: “Investors are hoping psychedelics are the new cannabis. Are they high? ») just to show that they are still somewhat skeptical.

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Jessica C. Bell