Presentation of a “series” format by subject | Advice columns

We have recently received a number of inquiries about how people with mental health conditions should approach romantic relationships. Given the volume and intensity of the letters on this subject, we will be creating a “series” on this subject every Tuesday for the next five weeks. Our team will dedicate part of the column to giving you advice on this subject. Using this serial format will allow us to explore a single topic in greater depth and detail, so I hope column readers will find it both informative and interesting. If the feedback is positive, we will endeavor to continue applying this series format to several more of today’s most relevant topics in the future.

Statistics on the prevalence of mental health disorders indicate that approximately one in four adults suffers from a diagnosable mental health problem in any given year. Despite their ubiquity in modern society, however, there is still a significant stigma attached to mental health disorders, which can make encounters with a mental health issue an isolating and challenging experience. Of course, the difficulty of entering into a romantic relationship as someone with a diagnosable mental health disorder will vary depending on the type of disorder and its severity. Either way, having a mental health disorder of any kind can make navigating the modern dating world all the more complicated and confusing.

Next week, in an effort to help people with mental health issues who are looking to build healthy romantic relationships, we’ll be posting our first tip on this topic. In the meantime, the column will continue with its standard and familiar “question and answer” format, but stay tuned for the first episode of this series next week. Please feel free to submit any information, experience or questions you may have on this subject, and we will endeavor to provide as complete and targeted information as possible.

Jessica C. Bell