Politics was the main topic discussed during the National Dialogue Board meeting: Coordinator – Politics – Egypt

Head of the journalists’ union and coordinator of the Egyptian National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan speaks during the dialogue’s second board meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

In a press conference after the meeting at the headquarters of the National Training Academy, Rashwan revealed that the council only discussed political issues on Tuesday, mainly three topics: political rights, representation legislation and political parties, and human rights and public freedoms.

Rashwan said the council hopes for an active political life and the removal of all barriers preventing the establishment or participation of political parties in parliament.

He added that the municipal elections will also be discussed in the dialogue.

Rashwan said the political file is now settled and the board will now form regulatory committees.

He also added that the council has formed two committees to discuss economic and social issues.

He also said that the invitation to the dialogue is open to anyone who has not been involved in violent activities and that no decision has been taken to ban certain people from attending the meeting.

The meeting also discussed a review of suggestions from Technical Committees as well as final discussions on Committees and Sub-Committees in Dialogue Sessions and Articles Governing Events in the Bylaws.

Rashwan added that the council had recommended reviewing the measures and decisions taken after President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s call for a national dialogue in April, as well as the presidential pardon procedures for certain detainees.

The head of the Journalists Syndicate said the board will meet again before the end of the month.

The meetings are led by the 19-member board of directors and include the participation of several political, partisan and union figures from different backgrounds.

The council, made up of parliamentarians, journalists, professors, human rights lawyers and civil servants, is responsible for coordinating multi-directional and multi-stage dialogue and refers decisions and proposals to President Abdel-Fattah El -Yes Yes.

The board held its first meeting on July 5, where it agreed on statutes to regulate its work as well as the code of conduct and ethics in 25 articles of the dialogue.

The first meeting also reached a consensus that the dialogue should be open to all political, partisan and trade union forces to discuss national priorities, excluding those who have incited or participated in acts of violence.

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Jessica C. Bell