Plans for new pre-K-12 Triway local build topic from May 9 meeting

Triway Local Schools School Board

April 18 meeting

KEY ACTION Scheduled a public meeting at 6 p.m. on May 9 in the auditorium of Triway High School to update the community on construction of the new kindergarten to terminale building.

DISCUSSION Progress continues on the project. As changes are made to the site on campus, meetings are held to discuss specific design features, from the dining space to the auditorium. The first physical change to the new construction site, which is the location of the existing high school and middle school, has been made.

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The trees have been cut down, making the campus “a bit different,” Superintendent Nate Schindewolf said.

As planning progresses, design details are “examined”, he said, including discussing what the new kitchen will look like. The special kitchen designers used by the GPD Group recently met with all food service employees in the district, Schindewolf said.

Site logistics, encompassing temporary and permanent parking and navigation around campus during construction, are also underway.

Auditorium lighting and sound were also high on the district agenda.

“We’re starting to look at color schemes,” Schindewolf said, as interior and exterior planning “now works in parallel.”

A pre-tender meeting was held on April 6 to allow representatives of interested construction companies to “walk through the site,” Schindewolf said. “We had a pretty good turnout, (which is) good for the district.”

Triway Local’s approximately 40 memorials will not be lost to the single-campus plan

An important area of ​​consideration for the District is the provision of a variety of memorials dedicated to individuals and families who have made a difference in the Triway District.

“With the four sites, we have nearly 40 memorials,” including trees, benches and plaques, Schindewolf said.

District staff spoke with GPD landscape architects about transitioning the memorials, and Schindewolf met with the families involved to relocate them or assure them that they will be incorporated in a new way.

“We want to collaborate…listening to their wishes,” Schindewolf said.

From a memorial path or grove to “inspirational pieces” offered by GPD, there are “lots of really, really great ideas,” Schindewolf said, to honor those who have made an impact on Triway.


  • Approved a Triway High School bowling trip to the National High School Bowling Tournament June 17-20 in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Heard an update from the Business Advisory Council, with several members highlighting the partnership with the District on a video led by Lisa Acker, Supervisor of Community and University Services.

NEXT See you May 16 at 6 p.m. in room 102, Triway High School, 3205 Shreve Road, Wooster.

Jessica C. Bell