Phillips addresses college football playoff expansion

ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips touched on a number of topics when he took to the podium Wednesday morning at the 2022 ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte, including the playoff expansion college football.

Phillips said the conference “continues to support an expansion of the college football playoffs.” The league voted against the expansion last year, he said, because issues such as the new FBS schedule need to be resolved.

“As you know, the ACC has taken what we believe is a necessary position regarding last fall’s CFP proposal,” Phillips said. “It was based on what we feel we all need to address together before rushing into a new model – the implementation of a 365-day calendar, health and safety, and several other things that you know well. engagement is underway with our schools and my fellow Commissioners to chart the way forward before the current CFP contract expires in 2026. We had two excellent meetings in April and June, and I am confident that our concerns and those of others be addressed, and a new model with better access will eventually emerge.We will do our part within the CCA to make this happen, but there is still work to be done.

Phillips indicated progress has been made on expansion, saying the CFP commissioners have made “great progress” at their last two meetings this year.

Phillips expects there to be news at the end of August regarding progress towards a new CFP structure, although he said there was plenty to discuss.

“We’re making progress with the Transformation Committee, and I think you’re going to see something at the end of August that’s pretty substantial, with more work to do,” Phillips said. “I think those things work together, with a new NCAA president. I don’t expect that in September, when we meet, we will line up and announce a new CFP structure.

“But I think we have made great progress in our last two meetings, in April and June, and everyone is motivated to come together. So, I don’t know if there is this separation now with these things. We will see. But I think health and safety, the 365-day calendar review… We talked about access, automatic qualifications… there’s a lot to talk about. But those things, again, I would tell you that I don’t think they really separated that much.

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Jessica C. Bell