Peacemaker Star Jennifer Holland Reveals a Common BTS Conversation Topic

Jennifer Holland and Danielle Brooks had to listen to their male co-stars talk about their hobby while filming John Cena’s Peacemaker.

Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt in the Peacemaker bar scene

Peacemaker is already more than halfway through its first season as The Suicide Squad spinoff establishes its mark of humor in the world of DC. However, a leaked video by star Jennifer Holland shows that actors John Cena and Chukwudi Iwuji had conversations on set that weren’t as funny as the show’s dialogue.

Holland is among the few cast members to reprise their roles as The Suicide Squad in Peacemaker, as does actor and comedian Steve Agee who plays John Economos, where she stands out as one of the most professional and deadly members of the “Project Butterfly” black ops team. Danielle Brooks and Iwuji round out the rest of the ARGUS team, playing Leota Adebayo and Clemson Murn respectively, although the former seems to be the only one who can sympathize with Holland when they’re between takes.


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As seen in a short video shared by Holland on Twitter, Cena and Iwuji can’t help but talk about watches every chance they get. That meant she and Brooks had to endure the ramblings of those watch connoisseurs for six months of filming. Although the pair can’t be heard referring to specific watches, and Peacemaker doesn’t even wear a watch, Cena is a noted Rolex collector, and can be seen constantly wearing fancy watches from that brand, even in F9.

Holland, on the other hand, seems to prefer a useful Apple Watch. Meanwhile, John Economos has a Casio in Peacemaker it just fits his character perfectly. Murn’s watch is certainly harder to pin down, but it’s probably safe to dismiss all watches used as crucial plot points as Hawk Eye made with its own mystery Rolex.

Either way, James Gunn loves working with both Cena and Iwuji, ever since his decision to work on Peacemaker was partly motivated by Cena and their experience in The Suicide Squad, plus the fact that he brings Iwuji to Guardians of the Galaxy 3, where he will undoubtedly play a character not as severe as Murn. Gunn actually chose Iwuji during filming Peacemakeris a hilarious dance intro, so maybe there will be some dancing in the next one guardians of the galaxy adventure.

Until now Peacemaker the episodes received strong reviews, as Gunn’s writing ensured the show’s crude humor lands well with fans, even if DC doesn’t like to see Batman mocking his reluctance to kill anyone in order to achieve peace, even as it begins to wear off on the struggling superhero.

Peacemaker Episodes 1-5 are now available on HBO Max.

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