NLZIET taps Media Distillery for core content discovery, beta test shows strong user support

NLZIET – a Dutch streaming service owned and operated by the country’s three main broadcasters NPO, RTL and Talpa – has chosen Media Distillery to offer themed content discovery. The AI-powered content discovery solution – Topic Distillery – automatically analyzes content to detect the topics it contains, then adds this information to the programming metadata.

According to Media Distillery, one of the challenges that NLZIET faces is that, especially for unscripted live programs like news, talk shows and sports programs, there is a lack of descriptions of the actual topics that the program contains, included in the EPG.

Media Distillery states: “Due to the nature of these shows, the program description provided in a TV guide / EPG is usually very limited and superficial and offers little informational value. An example would be news: EPG descriptions usually state that a news program contains information on the latest domestic and foreign affairs and the weather, instead of more specific topics such as, for example, the war in Ukraine, the Eurovision Song Contest, Will Smith or the Champions League final. With Topic Distillery, these topics are detected and added to the metadata.

The partnership means NLZIET viewers will be able to find content based on detected topics, decide if they want to watch based on those topics, and access particular parts of the show based on chapter markers and chapter titles. automatically generated.

Survey results from a beta trial of the solution show that 92% of respondents said they would use the solution when it becomes available. 90% of users said they would be interested in jumping directly to the segment of their choice (as the solution allows) – this is made more significant by the fact that 85% of respondents are currently manually scrolling through the video timeline to find interesting parts.

The survey also reveals that 72% of respondents said the solution gave them more control over desired topics and 74% said it gave them a better idea of ​​what the content is about.

NLZIET and Media Distillery are currently testing several additional new features. New forms of chapterization are being developed, allowing viewers to quickly navigate the playbar to specific topics without the need to search, and to watch items in abbreviated form.

Sander Kouwenhoven, CTO at NLZIET, says: “Media Distillery is the natural partner for NLZIET. We both believe that innovation is the key factor in taking the quality of video entertainment to the next level. »

“With Topic Distillery, users no longer need to watch an entire program to find the content they want, and consuming content is much easier. This solution could truly transform the viewing experience of unscripted live TV. By making more content easily discoverable, Topic Distillery extends the life of content.

Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery, comments: “We are just beginning to understand the myriad ways that AI can provide consumers with more personalized and user-friendly experiences, and we are excited to discover more.

Jessica C. Bell