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One thing I really appreciate about the A+ award is seeing how you all come up with creative solutions to some of life’s little problems. These five girls, who their teachers call the “Mural Girls”, did just that! Their artistic abilities and unique problem solving skills earned Ava, Kendall, Addison, Lola and Madelyn, all seventh graders at Bay Middle School, this week’s A+ award.

Their sixth-grade social studies teacher, Ms. Guinter, wanted a more permanent display outside her classroom, rather than multiple bulletin boards. An excellent solution then came to my mind! What if they replaced bulletin boards with murals! Ms. Guinter and art teacher Fortunato challenged their students to design murals with sixth-grade social studies themes. You sixth graders know that in sixth grade you study ancient civilizations and world religions.

The Mural Girls, along with other classmates, all submitted sketches of their ideas for five murals to replace the bulletin boards. Lola told us that she wanted to paint a mural depicting ancient India because she was inspired by the architecture. Addison chose to paint a mural depicting five world religions because of the impact religion has on millions of people around the world. The other three murals feature Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient China.

It wasn’t as simple as painting a picture on a wall. The five artists told us they used a grid method, which was actually common for Renaissance artists to paint murals, to enlarge their sketches. We were amazed to learn that it wasn’t just social studies and art that they were learning! They also had to use math to figure out the right ratios of paint to mix to create the perfect colors for their murals. A ratio tells you the amount of one thing compared to another. Ms. Fortunato told us that the five artists spent most of the first month of their school summer vacation painting the murals. Both Ms. Guinter and Ms. Fortunato are excited to be able to use the murals as teaching examples for this year’s sixth graders.

Kendall told us that she really learned that even if you don’t think something is perfect, you might realize that it’s actually perfect, but in a different way. Kendall, that’s a good attitude to have.

The mural girls said they were really proud of their work and would definitely do it again even though it took a long time.. This week’s A+ award winners are Ava, Kendall, Addison, Lola and Madelyn for using their artistic talents to solve a problem and teach a little about world history.

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Jessica C. Bell