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When we first heard about PAWS Pals, we thought News Cat was nominating its friends for the A+ award, but after checking our sources, we found out that PAWS Pals are an outstanding group of 28 fifth graders. at Shaw Elementary School, Beavercreek. The Shaw PAWS Pals are this week’s A+ award winners.

PAWS stands for Positive Attributes We Support, school counselor Ms. Cornwell told our team. There are 28 fifth graders who are PAWS Pals, and they have a wide range of responsibilities across the school to help out. Zach told us that he is responsible for distributing weekend food bags for needy families through the “Feed the Creek” program. He explained to me that with the help of another student, he distributes nearly 70 pounds of feed every Thursday! Hadley told us she reads to younger students and hands out character stones to students who are caught doing a good job. Navaeha helps the young students fire the bus and tells us that the school principal, Mrs. Peveler thinks she’s going to be a great teacher!

It’s not easy to become a Shaw PAWS Pal. Eve told us that there is an application process and you even have to write an essay on the importance of volunteer work and the positive attributes you display. Incidentally, Eve helps organize lunch cards for the whole school, every day! Sounds like a really big job!

We were so impressed with the PAWS Pals that we asked them for tips on how to make the world a better place and how to be successful. Eve told us that you should always be proud of who you are and stay true to yourself. Hadley told us that every day you should try to make a difference for someone. Navaeha added that a smile can also really make a difference for someone who isn’t having a good day. Zach reminded us that it’s important to be patient with people, because some people have different needs.

We are truly impressed with the work the PAWS Pals are doing at Shaw Elementary. For all their hard work and extra effort to help others, they are this week’s A+ award winners.

Ms. Mescher told us that Marion Local has a program called Be Kind, and the goal this year is to be prepared, to be responsible, and to be respectful. “Each month we have a different theme, and in February we combined some really important character traits and focused on being ready to be a kind friend,” she explained. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 completed activities on friendship and the characteristics a good friend should have. Students even wrote essays on being a good friend, and each primary class by grade level chose a peer most likely to be a good friend.

We asked Luke, a fifth grader who was recognized as most likely to be a good friend, how we can be a good friend. He told us that you “shouldn’t be a bystander if you see someone who needs your help. You should always help people when you can. That’s good advice, Luke. Thanks for that.

Her classmate Aliya added that “even if you can’t help, you can always find someone who can help you.”

Marion Local students aren’t just nice at school. They also get involved in the community by donating to local food pantries and various other charities, collecting mittens and hats for community members in need, and recycling plastic bottle caps for children. transform into “buddy benches”. They call it the Marion Local way.

“It’s really important that you are considerate of others. You have to be empathetic,” Danae told us.

It seems the students at Marion Local have done a great job of creating a culture of kindness. This week’s A+ award goes to students at Marion Local Elementary for making the world a better place, and remember that kindness is contagious.

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Jessica C. Bell