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At Richmond Heights High School, tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders can take the Music Production course, taught by Mr. Delgado. The class challenges students to create their own unique beats. This year’s class did a great job of creating beats, but took it a step further by using the beats in audio stories they created that answer tough questions about life. This week’s A+ award goes to the Richmond Heights High School Music Production class for asking the tough questions and getting creative.

Mr. Delgado told us that the students had done a great job creating their rhythms in the first semester and that they needed a challenge for the second semester. That’s when he and his colleague, Ms. Trescott, teamed up with a local journalist and storyteller to up the ante for the students. They challenged their students to think about a difficult life question and conduct interviews and research to find an answer, and they really stepped up. “I’m a cheerleader and I’ve noticed that school spirit has really deteriorated over the past few years. I really want to know why,” shared Devine, a tenth grader. Devine interviewed students at basketball games. While we’re talking basketball, congratulations to the Richmond Heights Spartans for winning this year’s Division 4 Men’s Basketball State Championship!

Ameer, an eleventh grader, was curious as to why cursive writing wasn’t taught when he was in elementary school. “My grandma really likes cursive writing and I think it looks great. I really wish my teachers taught me when I was younger,” he told Us. Ameer interviewed his teachers, recorded himself learning cursive writing, and even reached out to the Ohio Channel, which reports on state government, to learn more about a recent law that handed cursive writing in the program.

“I’m really impressed with the work done by the class,” Mr. Delgado said. “They had really good questions. One student even asked members of the city government about recycling. »

This week’s A+ award goes to Mr. Delgado’s music production class at Richmond Heights High School for asking tough questions and creating great music. Path to follow!

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Jessica C. Bell