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Oh! Don’t blame me! I’m just caught up in my reading! It’s a book about four friends, one of whom has disappeared! The other three embark on a daring adventure to rescue their friend and uncover secrets along the way! One of the most interesting things about this book is that it was written by two eighth graders at Amherst Junior High School. These are the winners of this week’s A+ awards.

Emma Kucbel and Katelyn Banyas’ journey as writers began when they were in sixth grade. Together with their classmates, they took part in a writing contest. The girls had so much fun they signed up a few more and a writing career was born! Emma said it was really motivating to participate and it inspired her and Katelyn to find more contests to enter on their own. From there, the two authors began to write books of chapters. Five of them to be exact! Pretty impressive if you ask us!

Then, one evening, during a pajama party, the inspiration came. Katelyn told us they found the title for their masterpiece, Expect the Unexpected, and got to work.

We really couldn’t stop once we started,” Katelyn explained.

What really impressed us here at NewsDepth was the highly organized writing process both authors used to tell their story. They started with a detailed outline that helped organize the flow of the story. Then they wrote drafts of each chapter. Once the draft was completed, they co-edited their work by collaborating on FaceTime and using Google Docs. Fun fact, the NewsDepth team uses Google Docs to write the show each week! They even asked classmates and friends to give their thoughts on the story as it developed.

Once they were happy with their manuscript, they typed it into a template provided by the publisher. A manuscript is a writing by an author that has not yet been published. Emma and Katelyn told us they even had to ask for an ISBN. We had no idea what it was, so we researched it and learned that an ISBN is a unique number that identifies a specific book.

We asked the writers for tips to help us with our writing and Emma told us that patience is key. Even when it’s hard, take your time and keep working. Katelyn told us that you should follow your dreams no matter what. Even if people tell you that your dreams are unrealistic, keep working because anything is possible. Very wise words from both of them.

Expect the unexpected to end in a cliffhanger, so here at NewsDepth, we can’t wait to get our hands on the sequel. This week’s A+ award winners are Emma and Katelyn for Outstanding Writing.

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Jessica C. Bell