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In every episode of NewsDepth, we ask you to send us letters answering the questions we pose. It’s one of our favorite parts of every show because we see your wonderful writing skills and we learn what you think or do. In this year’s first episode, we asked you how you spent your summer, and one of you sent us an A+ Award-worthy answer. This week’s winner is Lexi, a fourth-grade student from Mason Elementary at Mason.

Lexi’s letter told us that “during the summer, my friend and I were playing at the creek near my house and we noticed that there was trash in the creek. So we decided to clean out all the trash cans. We were really impressed not only with Lexi’s motivation, but also with her efforts to make the Earth cleaner. When we met Lexi, she told us that she and her friend Madi liked to play by the stream in the woods behind her house. They made it quite a cozy place to relax and watch creatures such as fish, crayfish and tadpoles. Since they were busy with their schoolwork last year and the weather got colder, they weren’t able to spend as much time in their relaxation space in nature. When they finally returned to their place last summer, they noticed that there was a lot of trash in the creek and all over the ground. That’s when they got to work and started cleaning up.

Lexi told us that she and Madi found all kinds of trash and were careful to wear gloves to protect their hands when cleaning. She said she feels really happy to help the environment and that if everyone does their little part, we can all work together to solve big problems. Talk about wisdom!

Outside of caring for the Earth, Lexi loves to dance and told us her favorite styles are hip hop, ballet and acro, which she described as being similar to gymnastics. She told us that she didn’t have a favorite class because she liked them all. Lexi’s hero is Marie Curie, who was a scientist who made groundbreaking discoveries in the treatment of cancer, as her work helped millions of people.

Ms. Work, Lexi’s teacher, told us that Lexi is a role model for her classmates and is very kind and patient. She described Lexi as a committed student who goes through with things, even when they are difficult.

This week’s A+ award goes to Lexi from Mason Elementary School for doing her small part to make our world a better, cleaner place.

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Jessica C. Bell