New Community Features: Improvements to Comments and Topic Tracking

Hello TechRaptor readers!

We’re approaching the 9th anniversary of TechRaptor’s launch in March 2013, and we’ve put a ton of work into building a site that continues to deliver a solid experience for our readers over the past year. Between improving site speed and load times, launching a game release schedule, and being able to install TechRaptor as an app on your phones and computers (right side of your URL bar!) – our goal is to create a great experience and give you more reasons to keep coming back.

This is why we have launched since this morning a number of new products via our partner Viafoura:

  • New comment system
    • Comments removed due to migration incompatibility.
    • We’re adding more features soon, such as custom badges for frequent commenters!
  • subject tracking system
    • Follow authors, games, developers, publishers, genres and platforms!
    • Details below!
  • Trending Items
  • Community feed and profile
  • Future features are also in development!
    • Live blogging
    • Push notifications for followed topics
    • Daily email digests for the topics you follow

Why we are changing platforms

When we moved from Disqus to Insticator a few years ago – the major driving factors came from moving away from a platform that didn’t give us strong monetization options and ultimately wanted us to pay to remove the ads that really didn’t match the experience we were looking for when it comes to what’s displayed on TechRaptor. Fast forward a few years later, we want to go beyond pure commentary and add more ways for you to consume the content YOU care about, and this is the first step in getting there. We are able to add a number of features that create a great usability of the site, which leads us to our long-term goals of building a community of readers who get to know our team and regularly read our content.

By making this change, we are able to consolidate into one ad network, which reduces requests per load and further improves the speed of our site. Moreover, we are able to use the features added by these new features to create even more cool features and serve our readers better.

We’re really excited to have fully launched these new features today, and look forward to engaging more frequently with our readership – so let’s break them down!

Added the ability to follow in-game topics that interest you

Since moving away from WordPress in 2019, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a catalog of game, developer, and topic pages – but beyond the interconnection that is added, there is no use for our readers. what was originally planned. With this launch, that changes and you can now follow the following types of topics and tags on TechRaptor – simply by creating an account and hitting the “Follow” button!

  • Authors, games, developers, publishers, genres and platforms

Once followed, you can receive notifications via the bell at the top right of each page (and in the comments) whenever a new article is posted that is tagged with something you follow. Here’s each of these features in action:

Top left: bell in header, middle left: dev page, middle bottom: article topic follows, right side: community widget

We will, over time, continue to improve the way everything is linked together, ensuring that you can get the content you want in the format you prefer. We plan, over the next 6 months, to add push notifications if you want to be notified that way, as well as email digests that detail what we posted the day before that you might be interested in.

Keeping the pulse of our community

With the Community News Feed, we’re giving you the ability to see what’s happening on TechRaptor so you can stay up to date with the latest conversations and join them, as well as read articles about whatever you want. keep you posted. Plus, we’re adding a section below each article so you can easily jump to the next topics the community is discussing!

TechRaptor Trending Comments

Always improving

For me, this is an important first step in improving our community-oriented features. You’ll find a lot more of our team in the comments, and we’ll be using these new tools to find new and unique ways to engage TechRaptor readership. We want to hear from you and we want to have a great discussion in the comments with us.

Take a moment to create a new account and start following the things that interest you!

Jessica C. Bell