More residents discuss the topic of commercial flights arriving in Ocala

More local residents recently wrote in to share their thoughts on the subject of commercial flights arriving at Ocala International Airport.

“I support flights from Ocala International Airport. I would much rather spend my money in my own community than pay $20 in tolls, plus parking fees, to fly from Orlando. The airport is already there and our county needs local revenue. I will definitely support it and use it for my trip,” says Ocala resident Lesly Fehn.

“I agree with Bill. It would be a plus with no downsides. It’s a ‘no public charge’ option because we’re paying for it anyway. He won’t bother the horse farms like the highway gang and toll roads being built, regardless of public opinion against it. In my opinion, there are two options: make it public so everyone can use it, or make it private so people can use it. users can pay it and give us a tax break,” says Lady Lake resident Michael Pollak.

“Airline services from Ocala to major travel hubs would be helpful. I lived in a city one-third the size of Ocala with air service to Boston, New York, Chicago, and others. Typically, smaller planes were used depending on the number of passengers. The airport was in the middle of an overgrown suburb and there were few complaints. It has brought convenience to residents, accessibility to and from a small town, and increased commerce,” says Ocala resident John Bourland.

“Dear Sirs and Ladies: Please be aware that outdated knowledge is dangerous. The owners of World Equestrian Center are prepared to support commercial air travel similar to Vail and Aspen (seasonal). I am a seasoned traveler and have seen small markets to grow. Don’t be an uneducated voice. Ocala needs commercial jet service. Let’s stop being a problem and instead be a solution,” says Ocala resident Nigel Wallbank.

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