More Marion County residents weigh in on commercial flights

More local residents have sent letters to share their thoughts on the subject of commercial flights arriving in Ocala/Marion County.

“Bringing commercial flights to Marion County would be great. We all pay taxes and it wouldn’t affect the farms. Additionally, it would bring more capital to Marion County from surrounding counties that will book flights. Expand the airport and put more food courts, a hair salon and a gym there,” says Ocala resident Antoine McBride.

“I’ve been opposed to commercial flights to Ocala ever since I heard about it. I’m voting ‘no’. Think about why you moved to this area. Orlando was a quiet, sleepy town until it explodes without thinking, and I don’t want that here. Too bad if traveling to Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville is too much for you, or if you don’t like driving in traffic. Don’t you think there will be more traffic here? There’s already too much traffic here,” says Reddick resident Jackie White.

“My wife and I, along with most of our neighbors, travel by air. I know we would like to have commercial flights. We live in Stone Creek. How nice it would be, rather than going to Tampa or Orlando,” says Ocala resident Mark Whitman.

“It would be great to open the airport. I wouldn’t have to travel to Orlando or Tampa to pick up my loved ones when they come to visit, or for me to go visit them,” says Ocala resident Dorothy Maher.

“I just finished reading an article submitted by a gentleman who said he lived near an airport for some time. Honestly, we lived in the flight path of a Strategic Air Command base and a lane railroad ran alongside our property. After a few weeks, we didn’t notice any noise, and frankly had trouble sleeping on our commute. As we get older, we don’t look forward to the ride to Orlando or Tampa Since we don’t have access to a train, we would like the convenience of having an airport nearby,” says Ocala resident Monica Hamilton.

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